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Owner of patent

Is my patent actually my own?

Broadly speaking, all manner of changes relating to the ownership of patents can be subdivided into a legal section and an administrative section. The stage that takes place once the legal part – deeds of merger, licences, etc. – has been completed, is less widely known: the registration and administrative processing of those changes in the (patent) registers at home and abroad. The specialist team in our Assignments department will be glad to assist you in that regard. Continue reading
Transfer of rights & priority

Transfer and the priority right – make the right arrangements!

If an inventor submits a patent application, it isn’t yet known in all cases who will ultimately be the owner of the patent. As is the case with all types of goods, a patent (application) is transferrable, but the transfer is still subject to a set of stringent rules. If you don’t do it properly, the risks you will be running are significant. In the worst-case scenario, this could involve the loss of the patent itself. Continue reading