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Podium – LionVolt

In this section, we give a stage to start-ups, developing products or services that could prove groundbreaking in the future. What sets these companies apart and what are their ambitions? This time, we speak to Sandeep Unnikrishnan, co-founder of LionVolt.

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Brands in the metaverse – Is action needed?

Metaverse is the term for activities in which people connect through virtual worlds rather than a traditional social network. They do so using virtual glasses, helmets and haptic gloves. Increasingly, brands are part of these virtual worlds. Then protection of those brands also comes into play.

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Tools – Can ChatGPT advise on IP?

In the Tools section, V.O. experts review online tools for IE-aware innovators. In this edition, we look at ChatGPT, an experimen­tal AI-driven chatbot based on a so-called large language model. The tool has already received much attention for its ability to understand human prompts and generate all kinds of texts. Since texts play an important role in the world of IE, the question is what ChatGPT has to offer in that regard.

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