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Legal representation costs in Belgium

Statutory contributions towards other party’s legal representation costs in Belgium

According to the Belgian fee system – ‘statutory contributions towards the other party’s legal representation costs’ – in legal proceedings, lawyer’s fees for the winning party are claimed from the losing party. Continue reading
Martin Klok

Martin Klok European Patent Attorney

In July Martin Klok was registered as a European Patent Attorney. As a Patent Attorney, Martin, who received his PhD in organic and physical chemistry in 2009, is specialised in complex molecular systems, food technology and biomedical technology. He has been working for V.O. since 2011. Continue reading
Hans Clevers - New Business Models

Wanted: new business models

In recent decades, several Nobel Prizes have been awarded in the field of stem cell and gene therapy research. But so far, the scientific promises have not or insufficiently been realised. Commercialisation appears to be much more difficult than we all thought at the time. Continue reading
IP Stars 2016

IP Stars of V.O.

This year, V.O. has once again been listed as a ‘Top Tier Firm’ in the ‘Patent prosecution – The Netherlands’ category by the British professional journal Managing IP. Continue reading