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Coen Breedveld

Bringing an end to the incorrect prescribing of antibiotics

“We actually have a really good business case,” explained Coen Breedveld from Levels Diagnostics in Leiden. The start-up company, established by Coen and three co-founders, is developing a rapid type of blood test that makes it possible to demonstrate whether an infection is viral or bacterial. Continue reading
End of patents for plants

End of patents for plants. What are the consequences?

Plants created through a classic cross-breeding process can no longer be patented in Europe. The European Patent Office (EPO) decided this in July. The amending decision has a huge impact on cross-breeding patents and the position of Dutch agricultural and horticultural companies. Patent attorneys from V.O. have mapped out the key legal consequences and nuances of this decision. Below is a summary of these. Continue reading
Innovation Box

Renewed “Innovation box” focuses on patents

The Netherlands is a land of knowledge, which is why it implemented a tax measure known as the “Innovatiebox” (innovation box). As tax measures go, this proved a popular means of encouraging innovation. Since 2017, however, the rules of the game have altered significantly. Remco Dijkstra (KPMG Meijburg & Co) and Huub Maas (V.O.) have provided the following assessment of the situation as it currently stands. Continue reading