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Knowledge sharing as keyword for optimal service provision

Sharing knowledge is not only the basic principle of the patent system – publishing the invention in exchange for the right to deter others from using it – but has also become an increasingly important driver of IP service provision.

In recent years, V.O. has developed various tools that stimulate the exchange of valuable knowledge between the client and our firm.

Learning at the IP Academy

First of all, there are the IP courses that our office organizes each year for clients under the name of the IP Academy. The most important basic concepts and IP jurisdictions are discussed in a beginners’ course. In the advanced course, the focus is mainly on the possible strategic importance of IP. The direct contact with a group of clients from various departments gives us more insight into how the client views certain aspects; these are insights that we process into our services. A brand new edition of the IP Academy is planned for this year on 26 September and 14 November.

Sparring with the IP expert

Our Meet the Expert locations are another tool for actively sharing knowledge. Through a network of satellite offices at various innovation hubs in the Netherlands and Belgium, we maintain personal contact with knowledge centers and start-ups. In this way, we are aware of the specific wishes and needs of this target group and can respond directly to questions. Because we are present on their own terrain, (starting) entrepreneurs can easily come to us for advice. This does not necessarily have to lead to a patent application. What matters is to create IP awareness among these entrepreneurs so that they can use their IP legal options at the right time. For an overview of the Meet the Expert locations, please refer to the offices page of our website.

Innovation competitions stimulate entrepreneurship

Universities today are promoting entrepreneurship much more actively. Students are encouraged to engage in a market-oriented application of their knowledge and skills in addition to their scientific education. In this context, annual innovation competitions are organized at various universities. V.O. enthusiastically sponsors such initiatives. The office also organizes role-playing sessions in which groups of students compete against each other to assess an invention from an IP perspective. Increased IP awareness among students ultimately ensures that more inventions find their way to the market. In addition, the world of IP offers them a possible job perspective. We are regularly looking for promising trainee patent attorneys!

A key role for innovation

In addition to the above initiatives, there are other examples of knowledge exchange, such as our memberships in various professional associations for scientists and our participation in numerous conferences where innovation plays a key role. In this way, V.O. keeps in constant touch with the world of science and innovation.

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