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Subsidy and funding opportunities for IP 

IP plays a crucial role in the development of innovative products and technologies. To stimulate companies with an active innovation policy, many subsidies and funding opportunities have been created, such as Horizon Europe, the SME Fund, Eurostars, the Innovatiebox, the RVO scheme Innovatiekrediet, KIEM and SBIR innovatie in opdracht. Below is a brief introduction.

The European Horizon Europe subsidy program focuses on promoting cooperation between companies and research institutions. With the SME Fund, the European Commission provides SMEs in the EU with grants for IP activities. The European Eurostars subsidy program is designed to shorten the time-to-market of new technologies and reduce technical risks, allowing small businesses to develop and grow faster.

The Innovatiebox rewards companies in the Netherlands for their innovative activities with a lower profit tax. With the RVO scheme Innovatiekrediet, companies can apply for an attractive loan for a specific development project with substantial technical risks and excellent market prospects. With the scheme KIEM (Knowledge Innovation Mapping), consortia of researchers and public and private partners seek new partnerships for sectors of the creative industry. Finally, there is SBIR innovatie in opdracht (Small Business Innovation Research), a competition that challenges entrepreneurs to come up with innovations to solve social issues.

Want to know which subsidy your company may be eligible for? If so, please contact Huub Maas.

For more detailed information, see www.vo.eu/subsidies

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