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HTRIC workshop: Discovering Patents

Blauwborgje 31, Groningen, Netherlands

On 10 May, our Groningen office is organising the workshop ‘Discovering Patents’ together with HTRIC. In this workshop, our patent attorneys Teun van den Heuvel and Annemiek Tepper will learn you the basics about patents.

What roles do patents play in innovation? Where can you find patents of others? How can you get a patent yourself? And what can you do with a patent once you have one? In this introductory workshop at the Innovation Center Chemistry & Engineering, you will discover it all.

In this workshop you will learn, amongst others:

  • The role of patents in innovation
  • Where to find patents of others
  • How to get a patent yourself
  • What you can do with a patent once you have one
  • You’ll also get to participate in some easy and fun exercises on how to understand the contents of a patent, read and interpret patent claims, and how argue about patent infringement.

Is this of interest to you? Then we would like to welcome you to the Innovation Centre Chemistry & Engineering in Groningen on 10 May. The workshop will last from 10:00 to 12:30 and you can participate free of charge. Register via the HTRIC website.

Register for free

We hope to see you on 10 May!

Present on our behalf

Portretfoto van Annemiek Tepper

Annemiek Tepper

  • European and Dutch Patent Attorney, European Patent Litigator
  • Partner
Portretfoto van Teun van den Heuvel

Teun van den Heuvel

  • European and Dutch Patent Attorney, European Patent Litigator
  • Associate