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Leuven MindGate’s Mega MashUp

Faculty Club, Groot Begijnhof, Leuven, Belgium

By now, almost every professional in the Leuven Innovation Region knows the concept of the Leuven MindGate MashUps: bringing small groups of professionals together in a casual atmosphere, and learning together from each other’s experiences on very focused topics. Or as we call it: a MashUp is a conversation, not a presentation.

And this fall, we’re taking it up a notch! We are organizing no less than 15 MashUps in one afternoon, to serve our Leuven professionals in a time-efficient and very focused way.

Spread over three time slots, you can follow several MashUps (max. 2 per person!) and we also provide networking opportunities in between and at the end of the afternoon. If you want to work when not following a MashUp, you can do so in a separate workspace.

On behalf of V.O., Leen Beller and Kristel Van den Broeck will participate in this Mega MashUp.

Website Leuven Mindgate’s Mega Mashup

Present on our behalf

Portretfoto van Leen Beller

Leen Beller

  • Trainee Patent Attorney
Portretfoto van Kristel Van den Broeck

Kristel Van den Broeck

  • European Patent Attorney
  • Senior Associate