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Brunel Solar Team

The Brunel Solar Team has won the World Solar Challenge in Australia no fewer than seven times over the last ten years. V.O. helps the student team from Delft University of Technology in a number of ways with intellectual property.

In the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, cars drive south from Darwin to Adelaide, which is some 3,000 kilometres away, by using solar energy. There are three classes that together represent the diversity of solar vehicles and various design philosophies. The aim of the biannual design competition is to inspire young people throughout the world to contribute towards sustainable mobility in the future. In the years that the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is not organised, the Sasol Solar Challenge takes place in South Africa.

Future technology

Brunel Solar Team’s solar car is redesigned and hand-built every two years, by a new team of students. This means that the students from Delft University of Technology are continuously innovating. They work with the latest techniques and materials and thus take a lead on the passenger cars of the future. Participation in the races in Australia and South Africa is an investment both in their own development and in making mobility more sustainable.

Our support

V.O. has been a sponsor of the Brunel Solar Team since 2015. We make the team aware of the value of their innovations and show how the team can make these most profitable. Intellectual property can offer possibilities, for instance, to secure new sources of funding. We also support them with drawing up clear agreements with partners which contributes to a good and professional relationship. By sponsoring the team, we are supporting sustainable technology and investing in young and enthusiastic students.

Revanche for race in 2019

In 2017 and 2018, the Brunel Solar Team won the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge and the Sasol Solar Challenge. The Brunel Solar Team's last race was at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in 2019. Unfortunately, this race went dramatically, as the NunaX caught fire and was completely burnt to ashes. The team is determined on revenge for this race!