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Brunel Solar Team

The Brunel Solar Team is participating in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, a race with solar cars in Australia. No less than seven times this TU Delft student team won the world title with their self-built solar car. V.O. has sponsored the team since 2015 and assists them with legal advice regarding intellectual property protection.

3,000 kilometers of racing

In the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, student teams from universities around the world race over 3,000 kilometers from Darwin to Adelaide. The purpose of this biennial competition is to inspire young people worldwide to do their part in developing sustainable mobility in the future. Students are given the challenge of designing and building the fastest solar-powered car every two years. The next world race of solar car Nuna 12 is scheduled for October 2023. In the year when no Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is organized, the team will race an optimized car in the Sasol Solar Challenge in South Africa.

Technology of the future

The Brunel Solar Team's solar car is redesigned every two years by a new team of students and built by hand. In this way, the TU Delft students are continuously innovating. Working with the latest techniques and materials, they are pioneers in the development of the passenger cars of the future. Taking part in the competitions in Australia and South Africa is an investment in both their own development and in making mobility more sustainable..

Our support

In 2015, we joined V.O. in sponsoring the team. The enthusiasm and challenge they bring to every race aligns very well with our slogan "Activate your ideas! The students are full of great ideas and know how to turn them into new innovations that will help them win the race. And to a better world, of course! We make them aware of the importance of protecting their innovations. For the Brunel Solar Team, keeping their innovations secret is essential. We help them by scrutinizing the agreements the team enters into with partners, for example, and based on the findings we assist them in further steps of negotiation or renegotiation.

Impressive track record

The Brunel Solar Team has been competing in the international solar car competition since 2001 and since then this team has already written seven world titles to its name. In 2017 the Brunel Solar Team last won the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge and in 2022 the Sasol Solar Challenge for the last time. The student team's last world race was with the Nuna X (10) in 2019. Unfortunately, the solar car suffered a fire just before the finish line. In 2020, the Nuna Phoenix set a world record by covering 924 kilometers on solar power in 12 hours. In 2021, the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge was canceled by corona, but the team did finish third in a self-staged Solar Challenge in Morocco. In 2022, the student team won the Sasol Solar Challenge 2022 with the Nuna 11s and they are determined to bring the world title back to Delft with Nuna 12 after six years!

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