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Solynta is a game changer in the potato industry

If all goes to plan, the invention will be considered for the Nobel Prize. Pim Lindhout of Solynta is developing new varieties of potato based on potato seeds rather than propagating material (seed potatoes). This could make a major contribution towards the global food supply. Continue reading

Heart beat key wins VIC2015

The Cardio Acces Key by Science & Technology Corporation has won the Security Innovation Competition (VIC2015). The competition, the theme of which was smart access control, was organized by the Ministry of Security and Justice, the Ministry of Defence, the National Police and the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. In addition to a contract at the value of € 200,000, the winner received a patent voucher from V.O. Continue reading

Do good inventor reward schemes result in better inventions?

In Germany, inventor reward schemes have been enshrined in law, not so in the Netherlands or Belgium. Nevertheless, a great number of organisations in those countries do operate a reward programme. Does a reward scheme promote quantity and quality when it comes to inventions? Continue reading