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Overlap between executive and judicial power at the European Patent Office

An appeal brought before the Enlarged Board of Appeal (EBoA) at the European Patent Office (EPO) cited bias on the part of the EBoA's chairman. The chairman in question is also the Vice-President of Directorate-General 3 (DG3) – which is responsible for all the boards of appeal (BoAs) – as well as being a member of the EPO's Management Committee. Continue reading

Seminar IP strategy with a limited budget

When does investing in IP protection actually make sense? How can you protect your IP with a limited budget by cleverly using the possibilities? And what role can IP play in order to make your entreprise more attractive for a take-over? How do you create value? Continue reading

Belgium is seeking harmonised patent jurisdiction

Courts in Belgium are seeking harmonisation of European patent jurisdiction, ahead of the arrival of the Unified Patent Court. Continue reading