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Michiel Haegens (V.O.) new President Benelux Trademark and Design Association

As of 26 March 2015, lawyer and trademark attorney Michiel Haegens has been appointed President of the Benelux Association of Trademark and Design Law (BMM). Continue reading

Vice-president of EPO may administer the law again

Last year the Enlarged Board of Appeal challenged its own chairman, the Dutchman Wim van der Eijk, on suspicion of partiality. Continue reading

Infringement under the doctrine of equivalence

For assessing the scope of protection of a Patent (or a Utility Model) and for determining whether an accused product falls within the same, the claims of the respective IP-right have to be construed literally.  In some countries literal interpretation of a claim is broad in others it is narrow focusing on the exact working. Continue reading

Innovative brainstorming

Almost 200 representatives of SMEs were present at V.O.'s presentation the High Tech Campus Eindhoven on 27 February 2015. Continue reading