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Legal representation costs in Belgium

Who owns the invention in Belgium?

The basic principle in Belgium is that the patent right belongs to the inventor or his successor in title. Continue reading
V.O. Patents & Trademarks Amsterdam

V.O. opens office in Amsterdam

V.O. is opening its tenth branch this summer on Amsterdam's Weteringschans, a stone's throw from the Rijksmuseum. The plan is the initiative of Otto Oudshoorn and Frits Schut. Asked about the motivation for the new office, Oudshoorn says, "We want to be right where our clients are." Continue reading

V.O. new sponsor world champion solar racing

As a new sponsor, V.O. will help the Nuon Solar Team take full advantage of its intellectual property. With fifteen years of experience, the team uses the most innovative technology in the solar racing car Nuna 8 that is currently being built. Continue reading

V.O. new sponsor for solar racing world champions

The Nuon Solar Team is putting its knowledge about solar-powered cars down on record in order to benefit from the experience the world champions have built up over the years. On the basis of fifteen years’ experience, the team is applying the most innovative technologies to its solar-powered racing car Nuna 8, which is currently being built. Continue reading

European Patent Office confirms patentability of plants

The European Patent Office has recently confirmed that plant products are not excluded from patentability. Continue reading