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Consequences Unitary Patent

‘Carefully consider the consequences of the Unitary Patent’

The Unitary Patent and the associated Unified Patent Court (UPC) will be launched at the beginning of 2017. Patent Attorney Koen Bijvank, leader of the taskforce that was set up at V.O. especially for this, explains the significance of the developments. ‘If your patent is not valid according to the UPC, it will be gone in all participating countries in one fell swoop.’ Continue reading

New: Association for IP attorneys of record

The Association for IP attorneys of record (Vereniging Intellectuele Eigendom Proces Advocaten (VIEPA)) was founded recently. The object of this association is to clearly differentiate these specialists from other professionals. Continue reading
SME portfolio V.O.

SME portfolio for V.O.

In April, V.O.’s office in Leuven was re-registered for a period of five years as a provider of Consulting services for the SME portfolio. Continue reading