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Balanced patent system under Trump

A balanced patent system under Trump?

Will the American patent law system align itself closer to the system in Europe in the near future? US president Donald Trump’s arrival to office has refocused attention on this subject. What influence will the new president have on American IP policy? Tamara Elmore, a European patent attorney and American patent agent, sheds some light on the issues. Continue reading

SPA: not purely descriptive

Spa Monopole’s SPA trademark has notched up yet another legal victory. It is not the first time that Spa Monopole has successfully contested the use of the word ‘spa’ by third parties for cosmetic products. Last December, the company once again confirmed its reputation as a successful enforcer of trademarks. Continue reading
TUe & UT

V.O. sponsors TU/e and UT innovation competitions

V.O. is the main partner of the TU/e Contest (Eindhoven) and the UT Challenge (Twente). These competitions challenge students to develop an innovative idea, business plan, prototype or research project through the TU/e Contest and UT Challenge networks, respectively. Continue reading
V.O. Recruitment Film

Recruitment film a success

To boost recruitment of V.O. trainee patent attorneys, the office has had a short film made. Continue reading