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Column – ‘Choose what you want to protect’

Traditionally, the Triumph and Sloggi brands have been known for their innovations in the lingerie market. The Triumph Group always wants to be in the lead when it comes to its expertise in comfort, style and fit of lingerie.

The new product lines/collections that we introduce are always driven by the wishes of our customers and consumers worldwide. We will only create new products and designs if there is a market for it.

Innovation and inventive genius are in the DNA of Triumph. The company started in 1886 as a corset maker. In 1970 Triumph introduced the first ultra-lightweight Lycra and Nylon bras. After several bestsellers, Triumph came up with a ground­breaking sizing concept: the Fit Smart bra. An award-winning innovation based on 4D technology, requiring only four sizes to fit an original size range of nearly forty sizes. Through a unique system of fabric layers and sewing technology, the product adapts to all individual sizes for women.

The intellectual property resulting from the innovations that Triumph makes must of course be protected against counterfeiting by competitors. But we always make a cost-benefit assessment. We accurately determine whether our concepts and designs can be protected. This can be cost-intensive, especially in a fast-changing fashion industry. For us, therefore, protecting all our designs with a patent does not always make sense. By the time the patent is granted and there is a possible infringement case, the collection is usually already off the market. In addition to protecting a limited number of long-term designs, we therefore mainly focus on protecting our inventions when they are technically distinctive. We do this, for example, for the entire Fit Smart concept via the German Gebrauchsmuster, also known as the utility model. That essentially gives us the same rights as a patent.

Klemens Moeslinger – Global Head of Innovation, Triumph International GmbH

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