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Student competitions on the upswing

The innovation competitions organized by a number of universities in the Netherlands are running at full speed. This year, the TU Delft Impact Contest (TU Delft), the WUR Challenge (Wageningen University & Research), the UT Challenge (University of Twente) and the TU/e Contest (TU Eindhoven have already taken place.

Furthermore, on 31 August, the Gerard & Anton Awards were presented to promising start-ups in Brainport Eindhoven. The final event is Grand Finale of the Erasmus University Challenge (Erasmus University Rotterdam), on Thursday 21 September. 

As a partner, V.O. is closely involved in all the above events, also as a jury member. Research institutes are the hotbeds of innovation and as such also centers of IP creation. Moreover, many graduates will have to deal with IP during their careers, and for some the prospect of a work-study track to become a patent attorney may be beckoning.

This year, the V.O. Kickstart Award  has been specially created to give students extra incentive to establish a link between a drive for innovation and creativity and a sophisticated sense of business. Marco Molling gave the award to Bond, the adventure that connects caregivers and children at the Emergency Department of hospitals.

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