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V.O. supports student competitions

As in past years, this year V.O. also supports the innovation competition that our country’s four universities of technology enter into among themselves and with each other. Thus, the Eindhoven University of Technology organizes the TU/e Contest, Wageningen University & Research the WUR Challenge, University of Twente the UT Challenge and the Delft University of Technology the TU Delft Impact Contest. Recently, Erasmus University also joined in with the Erasmus University Challenge.

V.O. supports student teams who have questions about trademarks and the protection of their technical innovations. In doing so, V.O. contributes to awareness of the importance of IP and introduces students to the profession of patent attorney. Partner Bart Jan Niestadt, himself an Eindhoven University of Technology graduate at the time, puts it this way: “In my studies, IP was sparsely discussed in certain theoretical subjects. Now, also through these competitions, students are becoming aware that the technical knowledge behind innovations can represent great value.”

More information: 4tuimpactchallenge.nl

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