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VEREENIGDE opens office in Belgium

This Spring, VEREENIGDE will open its brand new office at Science Park Arenberg at Leuven, amidst several renowned knowledge institutions and enterprises.

Annemie Jaeken, section Mechanics, Physics & Electronics, and Marco Molling, section Chemistry & Life Sciences (office manager), are the experienced patent attorneys who, from the new office, will devote themselves to our clients. This will make the Leuven office directly fully operational in a wide field of expertise. In addition, the Vacancies-page of this website.

The new office is of course ready to serve our existing and new Belgian clients. But clients outside Belgium will profit from VEREENIGDE”s presence, as well. Indeed, the Belgian patent interests of non-Belgian clients can be optimally served by us.

An attractive alternative
Like the Netherlands, Belgium handles registration patents. This means that a patent is granted without time-consuming granting proceedings. A law court tests the validity of the patent only when that patent is contested by a third party. Such national filing can be an attractive alternative to a European patent application, in particular for clients interested in patent protection in a limited number of countries; not only for tactical reasons, but also in terms of costs.

The address of the office is: Gaston Geenslaan 11, 3001 Leuven – Belgium.