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VEREENIGDE welcomes new partners

As from 1 January 2012, Michiel van Rooij and Marco Molling, practising from respectively the Arnhem and The Hague offices, have joined the partnership of VEREENIGDE.

""Michiel van Rooij has worked for VEREENIGDE since September 1999, since January 2007 as Senior Associate. He studied semiconductor nanotechnology (1999) at the department of Applied Physics at Delft University of Technology. Michiel has wide experience in drafting and defending patent applications in fields ranging from applied physics and mechanical engineering to information technology.





""Marco Molling has worked for VEREENIGDE since July 2000, since January 2008 as Senior Associate. He studied chemical technology (1994) at Eindhoven University of Technology. Marco’s expertise lies in the general field of chemical patents, with an emphasis on food technology and process technology. Further, he is particularly interested in the fields where chemistry and other disciplines meet, such as industrial biotechnology and laboratory technology. As a tutor, Marco also assists trainee patent attorneys in their preparation for the Dutch and European qualification examinations.