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Kasper Haak

Patent attorney

“It's my challenge to acquire patent rights as pertinent business assets.”
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Kasper Haak

  • Engineering
  • Software / ICT
  • European Patent Attorney
  • Dutch Patent Attorney
  • Senior Associate

Kasper Haak started his career in patent practice in 2001 after having conducted research activities with a printing system manufacturer.

His patent expertise is mainly in the fields of radar and imaging technology, plasma technology, electrical and electronic systems, computer and telecommunication network systems, medical systems, mechatronics and agricultural devices.

More information about Kasper

Kasper is active in patent prosecution, advisory and litigation. Clients include multinationals, knowledge institutes, midcorporates and small-sized companies.

As a tutor at the SBO and CEIPI, Kasper assists patent attorney trainees in their preparation for the Dutch and European qualification examinations.

Working experience

  • Patent Attorney, V.O. (2001-present)
  • Océ Research and Development, now Canon (1999-2001)


  • PhD in Electrical Engineering, Delft University of Technology (1999)
  • Msc in Electrical Engineering, Delft University of Technology (1993)


  • Haak, K.F.I. (1999) Multi-frequency nonlinear profile inversion methods. Delft University Press.
  • Haak, K.F.I., Van den Berg, P.M. and Kleinman, R.E. (1998): Contrast source inversion method using multi-frequency data. Proceedings of IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society International symposium 1998, p. 710-713.
  • Van Stralen, M.J.N., Haak, K.F.I. and Blok. H. (1997) On the classification of discrete modes in lossy planar waveguides: the modal analysis revisited. Special Issue of the Optical and Quantum Electronics Journal, Vol. 29, No. 2, p. 243-262.
  • Haak, K.F.I., Van den Berg, P.M. and Kleinman, R.E. (1996): Modified gradient profile inversion using multi-frequency data. Proceedings of IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society International symposium 1996, p. 2152-2155
  • Van den Berg, P.M. and Haak, K.F.I. (1996): Profile inversion by error reduction in the source type integral equations. Proceedings of a symposium held in honour of Professor dr. A.T. de Hoop, 1996, p. 87-98.
  • Haak, K.F.I. and Kooij, B.J. (1996): Transient acoustic diffraction in a fluid layer. Wave motion. Volume 23. Number 2. p. 139-164.

Professional & Community Activities

  • Three day course “How to draft a European patent application” at Chinese patent firm (2008), Beijing


  • English
  • Dutch

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