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Nuon Solar Team 2017

NUON Solar Team wins again!

The team of Delft Technical University of Technology has also won the latest edition of the Bridgestone Solar Challenge, the race for solar vehicles. V.O. was again sponsor of this super-innovative team. Continue reading
All Round

Left empty-handed due to loss of distinctive character

Products that have a distinctive character on the market can be protected by invoking what is called slavish imitation. In a case about pendants for necklaces, the Supreme Court recently delivered another interesting judgment in which the conditions for invoking this form of protection are clarified. Continue reading
Kitepower Airborne Wind Energy

Wind energy with kites ideal for remote locations

Mega-sized kites that generate energy hundreds of metres up in the sky. That is the groundbreaking idea behind the Delft-based start-up, Kitepower. Inventor and founder Johannes Peschel: ‘The first commercial model will be ready in late 2018 and we hope to have sold six kites.’ Continue reading