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Podium – HelpSoq

In this section, we give a stage to start-ups and scale-ups developing pioneering products or services. What sets these companies apart and what are their ambitions? This time, we speak to Harpert Wouters, co-founder of HelpSoq.

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Technical drawings

You have an invention and you want to protect it with a patent. Then you often need to provide a good technical drawing to clarify your invention. The draftsmen at V.O. can help you create a drawing that meets all the formal requirements set by patent offices, among others.

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Leap helps high-tech companies to innovate

Technology companies need to act readily when it comes to applying - in a timely manner - for grants or funding for their innovations. Leap is an innovation consulting firm that specializes in grants, brokers funding and helps companies innovate. We spoke to Rob Luyben, business manager at Leap.

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