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Leap helps high-tech companies to innovate

Technology companies need to act readily when it comes to applying – in a timely manner – for grants or funding for their innovations. Leap is an innovation consulting firm that specializes in grants, brokers funding and helps companies innovate. We spoke to Rob Luyben, business manager at Leap.

“Over the past 15 years, we have built up a client portfolio of just under 500 technology companies. These are mainly SME and SME+ companies that develop components for hardware or software or a combination of both. Examples include mechanical engineering, robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. We work a lot for clients in the high-tech industry, but also, for example, in the Life Science & Health sector when it comes to products that focus on remote care.

At Leap we work with 35 consultants from three offices in Nijmegen, Delft and Enschede. They are divided into four specialist teams: High-tech, Life Science & Health, ICT and sustainability. These are teams with the necessary experience in the sector they work for.”

Grants, funding and innovation

“We help companies cash in on their innovations in a number of ways. The main ways to help are through regional, national and European subsidies aimed at innovation. Based on the strategic plans of a company, we guide and relieve the client: we spot subsidy opportunities and take the entire paperwork to arrive at a qualitative application completely out of their hands. Our goal is to achieve the maximum subsidy potential for our clients. After granting the subsidy, we can also take care of part of the administration, such as accounting for hours.

In addition, Leap supports companies with private financing of innovation projects. For example, we mediate with angel investors and private equity parties. We bring the parties together and support them in making the pitch and the business plan.

Our third business line is innovation. We advise companies on their internal innovation process. We consult with representatives of various disciplines within the company to ultimately determine the innovation strategy. For example, we name the resources and competencies needed and discuss the requirements for labor and staff training.”

Protecting products and trademarks

“Through finding funding grants, we accelerate innovations at companies. It regularly happens that companies in our network then collaborate with each other to qualify for a particular grant program. This sometimes raises the question of how the IP protection of trademarks and products is regulated and what agreements they should make with each other in this regard. In that sense, V.O.’s services could complement our work.”

Learn more at leap.nl

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