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Put your brand portfolio through a stress test with this checklist by V.O. – Part 2

You have done all the homework related to your trademark registrations. Trademarks have a ten-year term in most countries, so you can sit back and forget about brand protection for a while. Or perhaps it’s better not to do that just yet? Continue reading

V.O. contributes to the latest edition of ‘Visser’

Patent attorney Peter de Lange (V.O.) has contributed to the latest edition of the book “Visser’s Annotated European Patent Convention”. It is one of the best-known text books on European Patent Law for (prospective) patent attorneys. Continue reading

COVID-19 update 3

Because of the present COVID-19 crisis, official IP bodies in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium have taken provisional measures in respect of procedural issues for patents, trademarks and designs. An overview is given below. Continue reading

Put your brand portfolio through a stress test with this checklist by V.O.

A third of the world's population is currently affected by quarantine measures, not to mention unprecedented mobility restrictions. Companies are experiencing a dramatic slump in their activities. However, even if it is difficult to imagine right now, there are better times ahead. Continue reading

Solid foundation means opportunities for the future

Although it’s something you don’t think about every day, patent and trademark law is also constantly changing. We talked to Chairman Herman Witmans. He looks to the future with an open mind. Continue reading