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Tech starters

As a starting high-tech or biotech company, your focus is on developing an idea into a market product. At the same time, you want to ensure the survival of your company through a good funding position. To ensure this, experimental proof of your ideas is crucial; this way you ensure a strong position of your intellectual property. V.O. helps manage your intellectual property and fully exploit your position in this area.

V.O. guides and advises you in optimizing the position of your intellectual property in line with your company's strategy. We also offer support in building and successfully managing a healthy intellectual property portfolio. We take charge of all patent and legal formalities that could otherwise cost you a lot of time. Of course, all this is done in close cooperation with you.

Important protection

In the start-up phase, the value of the company is mainly determined by the management and the position of the intellectual property. A good intellectual property strategy not only ensures the proper protection of your ideas, but is also important when exploiting them. Think of selling your idea or product to a commercial party or an IPO. V.O. supports and helps make choices that enable investment in the business.

Experience with starters

V.O. has extensive experience in working with high-tech and biotech start-ups. Many of our experts were themselves working within these types of companies or in the industry. As a result, we are familiar with the problems and challenges you face and can easily put ourselves in your situation. We can protect the value of your intellectual property in a way that suits your business, no matter what stage of development your company is in.

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Frits Schut

Frits Schut

  • European and Dutch Patent Attorney
  • Partner
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