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Law Practice

V.O. has attorneys-at-law able to provide a full range of legal services. We are experts in company law and civil law and are ready to provide legal support in complex civil cases. In this respect, the legal practice of V.O. is characterized by short lines and tailored services. As we foster our client relations we are also very familiar with the, sometimes complex, situations our clients face and this helps us to find solutions that serve your interests’ best.

Specific legal fields that often require our attention are, for instance, tort, insolvency, claims collections, corporate law and contract law. We are regularly involved in so-called legal scans, i.e. reviewing different sorts of agreements within a company and their interplay with each other, to support the in-house contract management. In right, we operate as independent attorneys-at-law under the name Oostenbroek advocatuur.

The strength of our attorneys-at-law lies in the services of a general practice in the commercial sphere combined with specialization, as we were asked for expertise in the field of intellectual property law by some of our clients. In conjunction with our patent and trademark attorneys we provide legal IP services, especially for midsized companies and entrepreneurs, including professional counsel in legal matters related to trademark and copyright law, license agreements, NDA’s, know-how transfer agreements and litigation.