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Legal services

In addition to patent and trademark services, V.O. also provides legal services. The attorneys-at-law of V.O. advise on litigation and assist in drafting and negotiating IP contracts such as license agreements, Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and agreements on the sale of IP rights. Also for assistance in IP litigation, our legal practice is the right fit.

V.O.'s legal practice is characterized by short lines of communication and tailored services. The strength of our legal department lies in the combination of a general commercial practice with specialist expertise in the field of intellectual property law. The close relationship with the patent and trademark attorneys of V.O. is a huge plus; all knowledge is and remains in-house so that high-quality work can be delivered efficiently and with an eye for costs.

In addition to litigation support, the legal department provides the following legal services, among others:

Legal Quick Scan

The Quick Scan is an assessment of one or more of your legal documents. You will receive a report on which of your documents require attention and which adjustments are necessary. The legal risks for your organization will be identified and you will quickly get a picture of whether IP issues are contractually well arranged. Wondering which documents you can have assessed in the Quick Scan? Read more about the Quick Scan.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Entering into a non-disclosure agreement, or NDA, is essential to ensure that trade secrets, information about inventions or, for example, the development of a new product, remain secret and that your organization keeps all options open to protect them.

Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)

When you want to transfer or receive specific research material to or from another organization and the recipient is going to use it for his or her own research purposes, a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) is important. The rights and obligations of both parties should be clearly defined. In this regard, consider how the recipient may use the material, what should be done with the material after the termination of the agreement, and liability for damages resulting from the use of the material.

Transfer of IP rights

If a patent or other intellectual property right is not transferred correctly, it can have major consequences for the new owner, for example, if rights of use (licenses) are granted or if legal action must be taken against an infringer. There are also tax aspects and, as a rule, liability issues that require attention.

Waiver of rights

With a waiver, an inventor waives his/her rights to the invention. Such waivers can be important in the (further) grant procedure, among other things.

License Agreement

Clear agreements are also very important when intellectual property is licensed out or in. License agreements are generally long-term contracts. That is why it is important to formulate provisions about the field of the license, the territory, exclusivity, reporting obligations, royalties, targets, obligations to act in case of infringement and how to act in case of a possible end of the relationship, clearly, with an eye for both parties and future-proof.

Collaboration agreement

Are you collaborating with other parties on a new product or innovation? Then it is particularly important that the agreements about future results and the distribution of these are well established on paper. If you invent something during the collaboration and have not agreed on anything, then the legal regime applies and each party basically has full user rights. A party can then also transfer that right without the other party's consent. The costs for application and maintenance of the right are then divided by halves and to grant licenses, the consent of the other party is required. As a rule, it is always wise to make clear collaboration agreements.

IP clause in employment contract, shareholder agreement or assignment agreement

If an employee, but also if the director/shareholder is involved in innovation and/or designing, it is important that it is clear that the rights to designs and/or inventions lie with the employer/company, unless there are good reasons to agree otherwise. A thorough intellectual property clause in the employment contract or shareholder agreement is therefore important. Also when external research is conducted or texts/designs are created, it is important to include an IP clause in the relevant agreement. This way you will not be faced with any surprises afterwards.

General Terms and Conditions

When you buy or sell business as a tech-driven company, your general (sales) terms and conditions - including IP and non-disclosure clauses - deserve special attention. This is no different on the purchasing side; make sure your own purchasing terms and/or those of your suppliers are in line with your position.

Of course, this is not all and V.O. offers a much broader range of legal services. Curious about what our legal department can do for your organization? Contact them using the contact form below or by calling 088 501 97 97.