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Successful completion of internal training

This summer ten trainees from V.O. successfully completed V.O.’s internal patent attorney training. In July, Vicky Andréka, Leen Beller, Raimondo Cau, Tamara Idema, Monika Jędrzejczyk, Martin Pekař, Matthijs Roelofs, Senne Plessers, Sara Tekavec and Lydia Schenk festively received their certificates.

The internal training was set up several years ago by the V.O. IP Academy to develop knowledge and skills useful in the day-to-day practice of the patent attorney, in addition to the subject matter covered in the external training courses. Coordinator Kasper Haak explains: “Think not only about the substantive role of patent attorney in the process of granting patents, but also, for example, about working procedures and supporting systems within your own organization. How do you organize your work efficiently and effectively? And what is the style we want to project as a firm?” In addition, attention is paid to social skills required when practicing the profession. Haak: “This ranges from communication with clients to presentation at events and representation at official bodies. All in all, internal training is an excellent complement to external training and prepares trainees for their next career step.” We wish our newly graduated colleagues, some of whom are now already registered as patent attorneys, a lot of success in this regard.

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