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Vouchers for award-winning inventions

The Cardio Acces Key, developed by Science & Technology Corporation, has come top in the 2015 Veiligheid Innovatie Competitie (VIC, Safety Innovation Competition), organised at the initiative of the Ministry of Security and Justice.

This key uses a person’s heartbeat as a unique identifying feature. As is the case every year, V.O. presents the winner with a patent voucher. The voucher can be used to obtain free support when the winner decides to apply for a patent. A V.O. voucher was also presented to the winner of the 2015 of the Defensie Innovatie Competitie (DIC, Defence Innovation Competition). This year’s winner is Mad Multimedia, a company that developed a type of collective knowledge bank that transforms all employees into teachers. The invention offers Ministry of Defence employees an easy way to share knowledge in the form of a video, sound clip, drawing or description. The competition was set up by the Ministry of Defence.

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