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No exceptions to prohibition of double patenting

In principle, it is possible for the European Patent Office (EPO) to grant multiple patents on exactly the same invention, if the applications for those patents have the same date. Continue reading

Praised by Leaders League

In the rankings 2021 published by Leaders League, V.O. is 'Highly Recommended’ in the category Trademark Prosecution. Continue reading

US Supreme Court finds part of patent law unconstitutional

The US Supreme Court has given the Director of the USPTO the power to review decisions of the boards of appeals on revocation of patents in inter partes review proceedings. Continue reading

Passed EQE

V.O. is pleased and proud to announce that Blijke Kroezen, Sjoerd Postma, Martijn Timmermans and Daan Wouters have passed all papers of their European Qualifying Examination (EQE). Continue reading

i-team Global creates more synergy through combined protection

As a producer of high-quality cleaning machines, products and appliances, i-team Global has one targeted goal: to simplify the cleaning process for the business market and to bring back the joy of cleaning. Continue reading

COVID-19 update 8

The government measures to combat COVID-19 not only affect business operations but they could also impact you as a patent applicant or patent holder. Continue reading

German model law incorporates controversial repair clause

Design protection for visible replacement parts is regulated differently in the EU. Some countries exclude these parts from design protection for repair purposes (the so-called repair clause), thus limiting the design protection rights of car manufacturers. Continue reading

Trade secrets as an IP asset: making confidentiality work for you

Traditionally, businesses have seen confidentiality of information as a risk to be mitigated. Who can I really trust with my secrets? And how can I stop them from cheating? Continue reading