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How to manage intellectual property strategically

Intellectual property, or IP, is a generic name for rights of creations and innovations such as texts, photographs, designs, trademarks, or inventions. As the owner of these rights you have control over these creations and ideas. For example, you can prohibit their use to others or explicitly grant permission to use them.

Different types of intellectual property

There are different types of intellectual property. Some IP rights are created automatically, such as copyright, which you are automatically entitled to when writing a text or making a drawing. Other IP rights do need to be registered; this differs from country to country. An overview of the different types of IP rights can be found here.

Examples of IP rights

Several IP rights may be established in one single product. Take this watch for instance. The brand can be protected under trademark law, the shape of the timepiece can be registered under design law and the technique as a result of which the hands indicate the correct time can be protected with a patent.

An investment you will earn back

V.O. is specialized in intellectual property. We can help you with a patent application or take care of the registration of your trademark or design. Not only will this reinforce your competitive position, it will make you more attractive as a partner and offer opportunities for licenses or sale. Moreover, you also prevent others from stealing your technology or name. By strategically managing your intellectual property, you allow your creations and innovations to yield optimally.

How exactly can we help you?

Legal support

Our attorneys at law who work together with our patent and trademark attorneys also provide various legal services in the intellectual property field. We can provide advice in the event of disputes and support on, among other things, employment agreements, license agreements, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and the sale of IP. The hallmarks of the V.O. legal practice are short lines of communication and tailor-made service.