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Handbook on antibody patenting

After releasing the first edition of the book Antibody Patenting: A Practitioner’s Guide to Drafting, Prosecution and Enforcement in August 2019, the second edition recently saw its publication. It is published by Wolters Kluwer as part of AIPPI’s Law Series. It is edited by Jürgen Meier and Oswin Riddersbuch, both members of AIPPI’s Biotechnology Committee.

Briefly, antibodies are specific proteins that are an important part of our immune system. When harmful substances – antigens – are present in our bodies, they are recognized by the antibodies, which then attach themselves to those harmful substances to render them harmless. The discovery of antibodies has led to revolutionary breakthroughs in medicine and biotechnology, particularly in the development of diagnostic and treatment methods and drugs. Its importance in the development of immunotherapies in the treatment of cancer is undeniable.

The continuous proliferation of antibody-related inventions and the extensive case law on them have prompted the creation of Antibody Patenting. This handbook covers in detail the various possibilities and requirements applicable to patent claims directed to antibodies by jurisdiction, drawn from regulation and case law. Nearly fifty international experts have contributed to the second edition. One of the co-authors is Martin Klok, partner at V.O, who contributed the chapter on Dutch practice.

Antibody Patenting: A Practitioner’s Guide to Drafting, Prosecution and Enforcement, Jürgen Meier and Oswin Riddersbuch (ed.), ISBN: 9789403510736.

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Martin Klok

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  • Valuation specialist
  • Partner

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