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Eline van Kappel

Patent attorney

“Protection of innovations ensures the continuation of research and development.”
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Eline van Kappel

Eline van Kappel

  • Life Sciences
  • Trainee Patent Attorney

Eline van Kappel studied Biomedical science at the University of Utrecht. During her Master studies she focused on molecular mechanisms of stem cells and tumors. As part of her Master program, she performed research studies at the Hubrecht Institute in Utrecht and at the University of California, San Francisco. After her graduation, Eline completed a doctoral research (PhD) program in the field of the molecular basis of tumorigenesis at the University medical Center Utrecht.

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Eline joined V.O. in 2017 as trainee patent attorney. She enjoys using her research experience to help clients transform their ideas into commercially valuable intellectual property.


  • PhD in Molecular Cell Biology, UMC Utrecht, University Utrecht (2018)
  • MSc in Biomedical Sciences, University Utrecht (2012)
  • BSc in Biomedical Sciences, University Utrecht (2010)


  • Van Kappel EC, Maurice MM. Molecular regulation and pharmacological targeting of the β-catenin destruction complex. British Journal of Pharmacology. 2017 Jun 20.
  • Anvarian Z#, Nojima H#, van Kappel EC#, Madl M, Spit M, Viertler M, Jordens I, Low TY, van Scherpenzeel RC, Kuper I, Richter K, Heck A, Boelens R, Vincent JP, Rüdiger SG*, Maurice MM*.
  • Axin cancer mutants form nanoaggregates to rewire the Wnt signaling network. Nature Structural and Molecular Biology. 2016 Apr;23(4):324-32.
  • Plaks V, Brenot A, Lawson DA, Linnemann JR, Van Kappel EC, Wong KC, de Sauvage F, Klein OD, Werb Z. Lgr5-expressing cells are sufficient and necessary for postnatal mammary gland organogenesis. Cell Reports. 2013 Jan 31;3(1):70-8.


  • Dutch
  • English

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