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V.O. supports midsized innovators, knowledge centers, multinationals, agents and tech starters worldwide. V.O. is one of the biggest European patent attorney firms, ranking consistently in the top 3, and is praised as a center of excellence.
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Overlap between executive and judicial power at the European Patent Office
18 February 2015
An appeal brought before the Enlarged Board of Appeal (EBoA) at the European Patent Office (EPO) cited bias on the part of the EBoA's chairman. The chairman in question is also the Vice-President of Directorate-General 3 (DG3) – which is responsible for all the boards of appeal (BoAs) – as well as being a member of the EPO's Management Committee. Since 1985, it has in fact been standard practice for the Vice-President of DG3 to also serve as the chairman of the EBoA.
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