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V.O. supports midsized innovators, knowledge centers, multinationals, agents and tech starters worldwide. V.O. is one of the biggest European patent attorney firms, ranking consistently in the top 3, and is praised as a center of excellence.
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The China desk of V.O. brings you the seminar 'Business with China: 8 Golden Rules for your Trademarks and Patents’. This seminar provides answers to the key issues that are at play when doing business with China and your intellectual property.
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Distinguishing features: difficult to protect
21 April 2014
In a legal sense, a brand is defined as a sign that is open to graphic depiction and that can be used to distinguish the goods or services that an organisation offers. In short, a brand is a distinctive sign. External product characteristics are open to graphic depiction too, but are almost never eligible for trademark protection. This is because they are rarely deemed capable of distinguishing the product in question, despite the fact that product characteristics are actually recognised as an indication of origin.
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