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V.O. Patents & Trademarks

intellectual property

‘Our experts help you seize all opportunities’

Optimally capitalize on your innovation. Activate your ideas.

Kim Tan

  • European Patent Attorney
  • Dutch Patent Attorney
“What really makes the difference for a case to succeed can usually be learned from your client.”

Herman Witmans

  • European Patent Attorney
  • Dutch Patent Attorney
“A broad perspective and creativity as well as a keen eye for detail are needed for obtaining the best IP-protection.”

Eva Eulaers

  • Dutch Patent Attorney
“Optimally capitalize on your innovation. Activate your ideas.”

Harrie Marsman

  • European Patent Attorney
  • Dutch Patent Attorney
“Even in doing your day-to-day job, you are likely to invent.”

Johannes van Melle

  • European Patent Attorney
  • Dutch Patent Attorney
“It is my working experience through the cycle of many startups that has taught me the value of IP.”

Kasper Haak

  • European Patent Attorney
  • Dutch Patent Attorney
“It's my challenge to acquire patent rights as pertinent business assets.”
Wezenbeek, Bart van

Bart van Wezenbeek

  • European Patent Attorney
  • Dutch Patent Attorney
“We use our knowledge and experience to optimize your IP position.”

Alexander van Loon

  • European Patent Attorney
  • Dutch Patent Attorney
“Everyone’s knowledge is unique and therefore potentially valuable.”

Leo Jessen

  • European Patent Attorney
  • Dutch Patent Attorney
“Creative thinking is the key to all innovation.”

Noëlle Wolfs

  • European and Benelux Trademark and Design Attorney
“What particularly inspires me in this field is to combine my skills with the clients' needs and to see my clients' companies benefit from their intellectual property strategy.”


Platform Formalities Officers increases level of administration

In various European countries, there is a great deal of enthusiasm about the approach and method of the Platform Formalities Officers (PFO). In less than ten years, the PFO has developed into a respected platform. High time to find out a bit more about it. Ronald van Egmond, PFO board member and business support senior advisor at V.O., answers five questions. Continue reading

United Kingdom approves Unified Patent Court

The UK has given its final approval of the new Unified Patent Court (UPC) and the new Unitary Patent on 26 April 2018. Continue reading

Registering a trademark: can you do that yourself, too?

You come up with a name for your new company or you launch a brand with a new name. Of course, you don’t want a competitor, anywhere in the world, to start using the same name. Trademark registration is the logical step. But do you do it yourself or do you bring in an expert? Three different parties explain. Continue reading


ASTP Proton Annual Conference

LIEGE Palais des Congrès, Liège, België

The ASTP Proton Annual Conference will take place from 23-25 May 2018 in Liège (Belgium). This year's theme is 'Technology Transfer in a Changing Environment'. More about this event

Presentation on Patents, medicines & innovation

Rechtbank Den Haag, Prins Clauslaan, Den Haag

These days, patents are a sensitive point of discussion. Those who are in favor claim that patents promote innovation and that intellectual property is a human right, whereas those who are against patents claim that patents in fact slow down innovation and even cost lives. This discussion is conducted at many fronts, not in the least place within the context of pharmaceutical patents. But what are patents exactly and what is their use? More about this event

Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award (AMSIA) 2018

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, De Boelelaan 1105, Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award is the Amsterdam competition for innovative ideas with a societal and/or commercial impact, organized by IXA. It is an annual competition for the best applicable innovation resulting from Amsterdam research. More about this event