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‘Our experts help you seize all opportunities’

Optimally capitalize on your innovation. Activate your ideas.

Marlon Blood

  • European Patent Attorney
“Different parts of patent law seem to a certain extent to conflict. I enjoy exploring the fault lines that such conflicts create. I am mindful of such fault lines when obtaining patents for my clients and strive to exploit them when defending my clients.”

Herman Witmans

  • European Patent Attorney
  • Dutch Patent Attorney
“A broad perspective and creativity as well as a keen eye for detail are needed for obtaining the best IP-protection.”

Annelies de Bosch Kemper-de Hilster

  • Attorney-at-Law
“The first quality of style is clarity. (Aristotle)”

Jasper Groot Koerkamp

  • European Patent Attorney
  • Dutch Patent Attorney
“Optimally capitalize on your innovation. Activate your ideas.”

Marco Molling

  • European Patent Attorney
  • Dutch Patent Attorney
  • Belgian Patent Attorney
“IP rights are means, not an end.”

Peter de Lange

  • European Patent Attorney
  • Dutch Patent Attorney
“Optimally capitalize on your innovation. Activate your ideas.”

Lutz Keydel

  • European Patent Attorney
  • German Patent Attorney
  • European and German Trademark and Design Attorney
“It is essential to differentiate the good ideas from suboptimal ones. It is my profession to find niches for both.”

Otto Oudshoorn

  • European Patent Attorney
  • Dutch Patent Attorney
“It is very rewarding to capture an invention in the proper words.”

Lars de Haas

  • European Patent Attorney
  • Dutch Patent Attorney
“The legal maze of patent law can be pretty hard to understand. I find it my role to make it easier to help you find your way through this maze.”

Frits Michiels

  • European Patent Attorney
  • Dutch Patent Attorney
“To explore, together with a client, how the best IP protection can be obtained is for me the logical next step after an invention has been made.”


The Nagoya Protocol and its impact on your research

The Nagoya Protocol is often believed to apply exclusively to the plant breeding sector. However, the influence of the protocol reaches much further. Almost everyone utilizing genetic resources for research may have to deal with it. From individuals and universities to multinationals in all sectors, everyone needs to check whether their research is covered by the protocol. Continue reading

Childhood dream comes true in the circular economy

They met at Nedstaal and now the three of them are busy getting a revolutionary business off the ground. Purified Metal Company (PMC) in Delfzijl will soon clean contaminated scrap for reuse. Director Jan Henk Wijma: “This is a childhood dream. It began on a sheet of A4 and now we’ve almost come so far that we’re about to build a factory.” Continue reading

Are the symbols ® and ™ symbol politics or are they relevant?

Businesses wanting to sell their own brands on the market often use the symbols ® and ™. We are often not aware of the implications of these symbols, but they are used to give a brand an allure.  Rather, case law shows that the use of these symbols can have significant, important consequences. Continue reading


NIDV Symposium & Exhibition 2018

Rotterdam Ahoy, Ahoyweg, Rotterdam

On Thursday 15 November 2018, the 30th edition of the NIDV Symposium & Exhibition will take place in Rotterdam Ahoy. The annual NIDV event is the Number One business meet-up in the field of defense and security. More about this event

Improve your practical knowledge at the IP Academy – Advanced

Winthontlaan 6, 3526 KV Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands

Follow the annual course on patents, trademarks and designs. For innovative entrepreneurs who wish to improve their intellectual property (IP) know-how, V.O. Patents & Trademarks organizes a basic course on IP on Thursday 1 November 2018. More about this event

APAA General Assembly 2018

Pullman New Delhi Aerocity, Aerocity, New Delhi, Delhi, India

The Asian Patent Attorneys Association ("APAA") is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting and enhancing intellectual property protection in the Asian region (including Australia and New Zealand). More about this event